Ebinger Metallbau has worked closely and reliably with its customers for more than 130 years. Through all the changes that have taken place in the market, we have always striven to serve our customers well.

It is through carefully looking after our relationships with our customers that we are able to meet their demands and expectations. We place great emphasis on flexibility, accurate delivery and product quality.

Through numerous certifications involving regular, repeated audits, and in particular our Quality Management System meeting DIN EN ISO 9001, we make sure that we have organised our operating procedures in the most efficient possible way.

By carefully fostering the development of all our workers' abilities, as well as inclusion of their opinions in our decision processes, we guarantee that the skills available in our company are used to the best possible effect.

We look on ourselves as being responsible, not only to our business partners and our employees, but also to the environment. Regular audits of the certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) support our ecological efforts.